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  • nan153131 nan153131 Забанен Добавлено Part-turn Electric modulating actuators using absolute encoder as position detection, with torque and stroke limit protection function'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' Position detection module adopts the non-contact type absolute encoder, good abrasion resistance, stable performance, long life, high linearity, high resolution, greatly improves the stability of the system. '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' The absolute encoder can real-time detect the valve position, the module directly connected with the position feedback shaft by the gear, ensure synchronous with the valve position at all times. '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' Even in the case of loss of power supply, the module can be guaranteed not to lose the position information of the valve, and also without the use of extra battery power to keep the valve position information.'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' CKDJ actuator adopts professionally designed torque detection system to real-time monitoring the torque changes in the process of valve movement, protection of torque available at 40% -100% of the rated torque is adjustable in increments of 1%. When detected torque exceeds the set torque, the control unit will exciting electromagnetic starter or solid state starter disconnect and cut off the power supply of the motor. When the fault of over torque occurred, the actuator can provide the over torque alarm for local and remote.'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' Description: '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' 1. Product Name: CKDJ series Part-Turn Modulating Actuator'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' 2. 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